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This site is devoted to getting the word out about some little known therapies that could save millions of lives. These therapies are:

  1. Photoluminescence therapy

  2. Hydrogen Peroxide therapy

I was first exposed to these therapies via two books by William Campbell Douglass, MD, entitled, Into the Light and Hydrogen Peroxide — Medical Miracle. Both books are very well documented, and since Fall 2002, I've been doing more research to check that documentation and to continue my exploration of these fascinating topics. You can buy both books at Click on the book's name to get more information about or purchase that book.

  1. Into the Light, Douglass, William Campbell, MD

  2. Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle, Douglass, William Campbell, MD

Additionally, I've put together a fuller bibliography of books you can read on the subject. Click here for the bibliography.

Let's start with a letter I wrote in August 2003 to a friend of mine. I had just learned that she had Stage IV Lymphoma, and I wanted to share some of my research with her.

Hi J.D.,

I just heard that you're fighting lymphoma. Louise and I are very sorry to hear about that. We wish you good luck in your fight, and we'll be pulling for you and thinking of you.

As soon as I heard about your affliction, I wanted to share some information with you about two alternative therapies that I've been investigating for over a years now that have an excellent track record for a wide variety diseases for over 100 years, including lymphoma. They're relatively unknown for a variety of reasons, which I'll go into later.

The first is called ultraviolet blood irradiation. It also goes under the names photophoresis, photoluminescence, UVBI, and a host of other names. In short, UVBI is a process where a quantity of blood (usually 125 ml) is drawn from the body. It is then exposed to a particular wavelength of ultraviolet A light, usually for a duration of between 10-30 minutes. It is then reintroduced back into the body. This would constitute one treatment. The net result of the treatment is that it stimulates the immune system and various enzyme systems to "learn" how to fight bacteria, viruses, and yes, even cancer.

In fact, at the Yale Cancer Center, Dr. Richard L. Edelson has developed a highly successful method of fighting Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) using a variation on UVBI. He calls his version Transimmunization. In his variation, the entire blood supply is treated, rather than just a small sample of the blood. Dr. Edelson's treatment (while highly successful) is also very expensive. Also, he only treats CTUC with it

The good news, though, is that there is every reason to believe that small samples of blood treated by UV light can be just as effective as treating the entire blood supply. This dramatically reduces the cost of treatment. Further, there is every reason to believe it would be just as effective on other forms of lymphoma. And treatments, when you can find them, are much, much cheaper.

In fact, Dr. William Campbell Douglass, MD, who wrote a book on the subject entitled, Into The Light, (Second Opinion Publishing, Altanta, GA 30328, 1996, 2nd edition, phone 1-800-728-2288) believes that Dr. Edelson's technique is unnecessarily extreme, for this very reason. UVBI's high degrees of success in treating a wide range of ailments using small doses is the basis for his evaluation. Unfortunately, I know of no extensive trials that have been done on lymphoma other than Dr. Edelson's, so Dr. Douglass's belief isn't proven, even if there's legitimate reason to believe it to be true.

Doctors who have UVBI machines in their offices don't normally advertise the fact. Further, there are very few who have these machines. However, I can give you some clues on where to look.

I have a list of physicians who are members of the International Oxidative Medicine Association. Some physicians who are members of this association would also have UVBI machines. The list of members isn't very long, but there is one physician in Connecticut you should try. He is Lawrence D. Cohen, MD, Advanced Pain Cure, Plaza West 100 Mill Plain Rd., Danbury, CT 06811, Phone 203-791-3940.

Dr. Cohen's main practice is simply relief of pain, but I'd still contact him about UVBI and H2O2 therapy (which I'll discuss next). It's likely that he offers the latter, and he might also offer the former.

In Massachusetts, there are two contacts on my list.
(1) Carol Englender, MD, 160 Speen Street, #203, Framingham, MA, Ph: 508-875-0875, Fx: 508-875-0005.
(2) Preventive Medicine Center, 23G White's Path, S. Yarmouth, MA 02664, Ph: 508-760-2423, Fax: 508-760-1019.

In New York, there are three contacts on my list:
(1) Chris Cimmino, DO, 157-05 Crossbay Boulevard, Howard Beach, NY 11414, Ph: 718-845-5252, Fx: 718-845-6464
(2) William H. Stephan, MD, 4080 Delaware Ave., Tonawanda, NY 14150, Ph: 716-875-7399, Fx: 716-875-7725
(3) Richard J. Ucci, MD, 521 Main Street, Oneonta, NY 13820, Ph: 607-432-8752, Fx: 607-431-9641.

I have no one listed in Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or Vermont.

There is also one other reference I especially recommend. He is Majid Ali, MD and associates. Dr. Ali has done extensive work with Oxygen-based therapies (including H2O2 therapy...see below), and he has done tremendous amounts of research on many, many diseases, including cancer. He has developed an interested Oxygen-based theory for how diseases arise and how they can be combatted, and he claims some remarkable successes in his clinics. He maintains a clinic in NYC at 140 West End Avenue NY, NY 10023.

Besides UVBI, The second therapy I wanted to tell you about is called Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.

Hydrogen Peroxide's chemical formula, as you may know, is H2O2. It's water with an extra oxygen atom attached. H2O2 plays a key role in the body's immune system. When a white blood cell (or other antibody) finds an invader, it generates a tiny amount of H2O2 inside the cell, which is used to kill off the invading cell. This is known as a "respiratory burst." When a solution of 0.15% H2O2 in saline is injected into the bloodstream, a remarkable thing happens. The enzymatic system is stimulated throughout the body, particularly in those places which are under attack from diseases of various kinds. This stimulation results in a mass of respiratory bursts taking place, which has a tremendous effect on fighting the diseases present in the body. It also has an amazing side effect, in that it dramatically helps reduce and even eliminate side-effects from chemotherapy!!!

In Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle by Dr. Douglass (same publisher as above), he cites a case of a patient who decided to try H2O2 theraphy while simultaneously staying on chemo. He was being treated for a large-celled lymphoma in the top part of his stomach, which took about 1/3 of his stomach area, about the size of a grapefruit.

While taking chemo, Dr. Douglass writes that the paitent also took H2O2 intravenously "on a daily basis at first, then at least three times a week. The peroxide treatment was started before chemotherapy, was continued during, and then also continued after he stopped his chemotherapy."

Dr. Douglass continues, "He noted that he had absolutely no side effects from the chemotherapy when he was also being treated with the hydrogen peroxide. D.P. (the patient) said, 'When you would leave town, I would always have trouble with the chemotherapy with nausea, vomiting and very severe depression.' His doctors, he said, were puzzled that he had so little in the way of side effects from most of the treatment. D.P. said he also felt extremely fatigued and spent a great deal of time in bed when he would take the chemotherapy treatment without having had the peroxide."

"D.P. lost his hair, as always happens with chemotherapy, and his toenails turned purplish and dropped off. These were the only physical signs of the toxicity of the chemotherapy that he noticed during the entire treatment."

"Seven weeks after the first CAT scan, another was done, and much to the amazement of his physicians, the tumor mass had completely resolved. There was absolutely no evidence of cancer being present. Granted, the patient was on chemotherapy, but I think any qualified doctor would admit that this was a truly remarkable result. D.P. told his doctors that he had been taking peroxide and photoluminescence, and they replied, 'Well, perhaps it's a result of both his therapy and ours.'"

"Four-and-a-half months later, in late August or early September, D.P. had a repeat CAT scan, and again everything was completely normal with no evidence of any tumor."

"D.P. lost 26 pounds in the hospital. By October of 1989, he had gained back all of that weight and put on some additional pounds. He feels vigorous and healthy and now is more concerned about keeping his weight down than keeping it up. Parenthetically, it should be noted that his chemotherapy injections cost him over $6,000 per month.These injections cost him over $1,000 each. One of them cost almost $2,000."

By contrast, H2O2 is very low cost. H2O2 therapy can't be patented, which is why it's so much cheaper. The most you'd be paying for is the doctor's time for each treatment. UVBI is also relatively cheap by comparison to chemo.

Again, H2O2 (like UVBI) has extensive documented success against a wide range of diseases, dating back to the early 20th century. Both therapies were written up in the New England Journal of Medicine. Now, however, most of the medical community at large is ignorant of both therapies, and those who do know about them pooh-pooh them, primarily out of ignorance.

One of the biggest criticisms of H2O2 injection is that there's a risk of emoblism....a "bubble" of oxygen being created which could lead to stroke, in the belief of most doctors. What they fail to recognize is that most embolisms are nitrogen embolisms, which can indeed be fatal. While an oxygen embolism is always possible with H2O2 injection, it's extremely rare. And even when it does occur, it breaks up within seconds in the body once treatment is stopped. As Dr. Douglass observed, "The doctor may die'of fright-induced stroke, but the patient will be okay."

The list of doctors in CT, MA, and NY that I gave you above all should be able to provide H2O2 therapy. (Note added September 7, 2010: To find a list of available doctors in your area, visit the American College for Advancement in Medicine website and use their physician-search page.)

You may find a great deal of resistance from your own doctors on these two subjects. I've been trying to find out why that is. As best as I can discover, the following reasons apply to some degree:

  1. There are few, modern double-blind studies done on these therapies. This is primarily true because such studies are very expensive, and since neither therapy can be patented, the major drug companies (who do most such studies) aren't interested in doing them.

  2. The FDA refuses to acknowledge the extensive research that was done in the early part of the 20th century on these two therapies. They won't approve their use for the general public without modern double-blind studies.

  3. Neither therapy is taught in medical schools. Most doctors don't even know about them or intravenous hydrogen peroxide uses.

  4. Both therapies were casualties of the drug revolution. As drugs and vaccines took over medical thinking in the mid-20th century, interest in alternative research diminished great, and most were abandoned. The theory of "one bug, one drug" took over, and treatments such as H2O2 and UVBI were discarded.

Despite these facts, both have remarkable histories. They are especially effective when used together. UVBI and H2O2 have been successfully treated cancer (including lymphoma), heart disease, a long list of bacterial and viral infections, emphysema, funguses, neural diseases such as Parkinsons and MS, migraines, parasitic infections, etc. Dr. Douglass even sponsors a free clinic somewhere in Africa treating AIDS patients, and the early results from 1996 showed tremendous promise, when used in combination with each other. Conclusions and results from those trials have not been published yet. I suspect Dr. Douglass is trying to be as thorough as possible before he releases anything.

Here is a list of diseases that have been successfully treated (to at least some degree) by H2O2 therapy and hydrogen peroxide uses or are good candidates (according to Dr. Douglass): peripheral vascular disease, cerebral vascular disease, alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, coronary spasm (angina), cardioconversion, arrhythmias, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, asthma, influenza, herpes zoster, herpes simplex, temporal arteritis, system chronic candidiasis, chronic recurrent ebstein-barr infection, diabetes type II, HIV infections, metastatic carcinoma, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, acute and chronic viral infections, chronic unresponsive bacterial infection, parasitic infections, parkinsonism, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, vascular headaches, chronic pain syndromes (multiple etiologies), environmental allergy reactions, legionella pneumophilia, treponemapallidum, escherichia coli (e-coli), salmonella typhimurium, mycobacterium leprae, staphyococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, campylobacter jejuni, salmonella typhi, group b streptococci, bacillus cereus, actinobacillus actinomycetermoncomitans, bacteroides, neisseria gonorrhoeae, histoplama capsulatum, candida albicans, coccidioides, paraoccidioides, blastomyces, sporothrix, mucoraceae, aspergillus fumigatus, coccidioides immitis, pneumocystic carinii, plasmodium yoelii, plasmodium berghei, toxoplasma gondii, nippostrongycus brasiliensis, naegleria fowleri, leighmania major, schistosoma mansoni, chlamydia psittaci, trichomonas vaginalis, tepanosoma cruzi, endameba histolytica, enrlich carinoma, neroblastoma, human immunodeficiency virus, cytomegalovirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus, and tacaribe virus.

That's by no means a complete list (and I certainly don't even know what some of those diseases are!), but it shows just how efficacious the stuff is. I don't have a complete similar list for UVBI, but I do know that it's equally as long and includes end-stage polio on it.

Walt Thiessen
Hardy, VA
August 21, 2003

(Note: J.D. chose not to use these therapies. She is fortunately in remission after chemo, and I hope and pray for her continued improvement.)

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